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    CCTV Camera Vision Pro Lowest Price

    You need CCTV Camera Vision Pro lowest price in Indonesia? Vision CCTV Camera Pros is a CCTV camera is already widely used in Indonesia. The price offered by this brand are very affordable with good quality CCTV cameras. Many CCTV cameras from lesser-known brands with the lowest price in Indonesia offers a type of camera with high specifications, you should not be affected by the price is too cheap because the quality is not as good as the brand that has been known. Get CCTV Camera Vision Pro lowest price on JakartaCCTV, we are a distributor of CCTV cameras cheapest and reliable in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

    The quality of the CCTV cameras of the brand Vision Pro does not need to doubt, one of the products camera is VHD 1030 IW. A Dome Camera with 720p HD resolution quality. This camera has an IP66 protection rating that allows it to be placed in the outdoor area, but it has been equipped with an infrared LED 36 pieces with an effective range of up to 20 meters. With these advantages, VHD 1030 IW is priced at an affordable price. For more details, you can contact JakartaCCTV or directly to our showroom to view a demo of this camera. JakartaCCTV gives you CCTV Camera Vision Pro Lowest Price in Jakarta.

    Here is an example of an image from CCTV Camera Vision Pro  :

    An example of an Image of cctv camera Vision Pro

    Complete your security system with CCTV Camera Vision Pro Lowest Price in JakartaCCTV. We have a variety of brands CCTV camera with a good quality camera. We also provide discounts on certain packages CCTV and CCTV cameras specific to a certain time period.

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    Vision Pro VP-208NB

    Rp 125.000 Rp 350.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    • Type IR (Infra Red) Camera
    • Metal Casing - Weatherproof
    • 1/3" Color CCD 480 TVL
    • 6 mm Lens, 0Lux
    • 24 LED - Support 20 meter
    • Scanning System 2:1 Interlace
    • Synchronization Internal
    • DC12V

    Vision Pro VP-138CB

    Rp 125.000 Rp 400.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    1/3 DIS Sensor CMOS
    700 TVL
    signal system:PAL/NTSC
    IR led: ¢5*24 pcs
    IR view distance 15-20M

    Vision Pro VP-628NW

    Rp 135.000 Rp 900.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    IR LEDS:¢5* 36pcs
    IR distance:25-30m
    Lens 6mm

    Vision Pro VP-990 CB

    Rp 150.000 Rp 500.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman

    "New Arrival" VISION PRO VP-990 CB

    • Color 1/3" HDIS.
    • Storage temperature -30~+60° C RH95% MAX.
    • 920 TVL Resolution.
    • Board lens 3.6 mm/F2.0.
    • Auto Gain Control (AGC) the color camera can get HD picture in low lux condition.