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    Samsung CCTV Cameras


    Samsung CCTV Cameras is a famous brand from South Korea which is one of the brands that dominate the market CCTV Cameras world. Camera capabilities of this brand is very good because it is supported by Samsung's technology. The use of products of this brand are usually in the important buildings that require a CCTV camera capable of capturing images with excellent quality. In Indonesia, the official distributor for Samsung brand is JakartaCCTV. With Samsung's official distributor status, we can offer a special form of the lowest price to you.

    The quality of CCTV camera from Samsung brand is very good. All Samsung CCTV Cameras equipped with Samsung's technology which is able to improve its ability to capture images with excellent resolution. One of them are Dome Camera SAMSUNG SCD-6023R. A Dome camera from Wisenet series. This series is the latest series from Samsung that has a CCTV camera with excellent skills. To see the capabilities of this camera, you can come directly to our showroom to make a product demo.

    Here's one of features that are owned by Samsung CCTV Camera Wisenet series :


    features WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) owned CCTV Camera series Wisenet.(Source Youtube)

    JakartaCCTV are the official distributor of the Samsung brand. We can offer a special form of the lowest price for those who need premium CCTV cameras at an affordable price. we also provide a CCTV package that would be a solution for those who need a CCTV camera with a large number.

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    Samsung iPOLiS Mobile (Android)

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    • Mobile application for smartphones with the Android OS
    • View live streaming video with PTZ control
    • Calendar search / Playback / Bookmark functions for DVR's
    • Password function for security
    • Register up to 32 cameras
    • Quick and easy remote access
    • Compatible with DDNS (Dynamic Domain Naming Service)
    • Multi-Language
    • Supported models are updated continuously

    Samsung iPOLiS Mobile (iPhone)

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    • View live streaming video with PTZ control
    • Supported format : H.264/MJPEG
    • Calendar Search, Playback, Bookmark functions for DVR's
    • Register up to 32 number of cameras
    • Quick and easy access
    • Compatible with DDNS (Dynamic domain naming service)
    • Multi-Language
    • This Application is available for free download from the Apple app store

    Samsung Net-i Viewer

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    Key Features
    • Centralised monitoring
    • Multiple site monitoring
    • Remote control and administration of Samsung DVRs and iPOLiS network Devices
    • Suitable for analogue and IP equipment
    • Up to 64 channel real-time live monitoring


    Rp 11.999.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    Aksesoris CCTV yang dapat digunakan untuk ip camera atau analog camera. Kompatibel dengan model CCTV SAMSUNG :
    PTZ Dome Mounts model 1 : SCP-3430H
    PTZ Dome Mounts model 2 : SCP-2430H
    PTZ Dome Mounts model 3 : SCP-3370TH