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    Rp 400.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact
    The DWC-102 works well with any door, window or opening. When triggered (separated), an alarm signal will be sent to the system controller for appropriate response. it also comes with tamper protection to ensure system integrity, and can work with other wired detectors. If connected to a GSM alarm system, low-battery alerts via SMS text messages are possible.


    Rp 500.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    Wireless Panic Button
    In emergency, simply press the SOS-100, and the alarm system will be triggered for appropriate action. It must be used with a Chuango alarm system.


    Rp 700.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman


    Rp 800.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    SMK-500 Smoke Detector
    Wireless Smoke Detector always protects your home from fire burning. A safety home is right there waiting for your back.

    CHUANGO WS-105

    Rp 900.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    WS-105 Mini Strobe Siren
    - 110db siren
    - Strobe light
    - Power supply: AC 110V~240V
    - 3.7V600mAH Lithium Backup battery enable 8-hour standby

    Chuango AW1 Plus

    Rp 2.700.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    Chuango AW1 Plus 'Starter' WiFi Home Security Alarm
    - 100% wireless
    - Free Apple & Android APP
    - Free self-monitoring via WiFi internet connection
    - Away/Stay/Home arming (away for full arming or home/stay for partial arming ie. night time)
    - Arm or disarm via Apple or Android APP, remote control or additional wireless keypad
    - Schedule auto Arm/Disarm times
    - Home Zone Group for partial arming ie. Night time arming
    - Exit and Entry delay options
    - Zone name customisation ie. Zone 1 becomes "Master Bedroom PIR", Zone 2 changed to "Lounge Room Sliding Door" etc..
    - Up to 5 users can control the AW1 Plus via App - 300 Event Log history - Low Battery Push Notification of sensors - Built in 85dB siren - 24hour emergency alarm zone, ideal for panic buttons or smoke detector

    CHUANGO CG-8800G3

    Rp 2.800.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    CG-8800G3 GSM/SMS Alarm System
    Control Panel x 1
    DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact x 1
    PIR-910 Wireless Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1
    RC-80 Wireless Remote Control x 2


    Rp 6.100.000 tidak termasuk pengiriman
    CHUANGO G5W DIY Burglar Alarm System
    - Touch keypad
    - Alert notifications via SMS text messages or phone calls
    - Low-battery notifications from wireless sensors & accessories