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    Best Camera CCTV Brand


    You are confuse looking Best Camera CCTV brand? JakartaCCTV as a distributor of CCTV camera products in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, offers you a variety of CCTV cameras from a variety of famous brand. We are the solution for you  who search for the best CCTV cameras at the lowest price. The existence of CCTV cameras today is the main thing to keep in your place of business or home. If there is something you want, the recordings of the CCTV cameras can be used as strong evidence during the trials. CCTV cameras have kind of a very diverse and it makes a lot of people confused to choose a suitable CCTV cameras.

    CCTV camera types that exist today are Analog Camera and IP Camera. Both types are still subdivided into Box Camera Cube Camera, Dome Camera, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Camera and many more. In addition, differences in the quality of differentiating buffer resolution CCTV cameras. With so many types that distinguish CCTV cameras, you will surely be trouble choosing a good CCTV cameras. The solution to that is a CCTV camera package. A complete package consisting of outdoor and indoor camera complete with video recorder to record the impressions of CCTV. JakartaCCTV have the package of CCTV form best Camera CCTV brand.

    examples of types CCTV camerasexamples of types CCTV camera. (Source Aetherica)

    If you are looking for a quality CCTV cameras with the lowest price, you can directly call or come to JakartaCCTV. As the number one distributor in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, we offer a product of quality CCTV cameras and official warranty. You can request a demo on our CCTV cameras to assure you that our products offer. We have the best CCTV Camera brand that already has a quality in CCTV camera market.


    An example of 1080p HD CCTV Camera Infrared Video Surveillance.(source Youtube)
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    Axis 247S

    Compact, single channel video server
    Powered over Ethernet with power out for the camera
    High quality, de-interlaced video
    Audio support
    Powerful event management

    Axis 291 1U

    Quick and professional installation of various video encoders in the same rack
    Expandable system, simply by adding blades and wiring up
    Integrated power supply, for easy installation/expansion
    Higher density of video channels compared to standalone solution

    Axis F1005-E

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    Flexible, rugged design for indoor, outdoor and mobile use.
    Fixed lens with HDTV 1080p resolution.
    Wide 113° horizontal field of view.

    Axis F1015

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    Flexible, discreet design for indoor use.
    Varifocal lens with HDTV 1080p resolution.

    Axis Lens CS 15-50mm F1.5 DC-Iris MP D/N

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    Designed for low-light cameras
    Varifocal 15-50 mm lens
    DC-iris and CS-mount
    IR corrected lens for day & night cameras

    Axis M1025

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    Wired, Power over Ethernet: 2 MP/HDTV 1080p.
    Casing: Color: White NCS S 1002-B Aluminium and polycarbonate.
    HDTV 1080p / 2MP quality.
    Power over Ethernet.
    HDMI output (Micro) in HDTV 720p.
    Easy and flexible installation.

    Axis M1113-E

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    Kualitas gambar yang sangat baik.
    Varifocal DC-iris lensa.
    Multiplestream H.264.
    Power over Ethernet.
    Instalasi pemasangan mudah dengan pixel counter.
    Cocok untuk pemasangan di luar ruangan dengan standar IP66.

    Axis M1114-E

    Telp untuk Harga
    Resolusi HDTV 720p / 1 megapiksel di frame rate penuh.
    Varifocal DC-iris lensa.
    Multiple H.264 streams.
    Power over Ethernet.


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