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    VariFocal Indoor

    Analog CCTV Indoor Varifocal

    What the varifocal?

    Varifocal stands for variable focal. cctv camera with varifocal lens means millimeter camera that has a lens that its use can be regulated within minimum and maximum limits. For example cctv camera varifocal 6mm - 12mm, then it means the camera has the lens can roam focus ranging from 6mm to 12mm.

    As the rules above, if the object looks less close (read: less clear), then the lens can be rotated a hand toward larger, so the object as if approaching. Vice versa, if the viewing angle is less wide, then the lens is set to a small direction. Varifocal lens cctv camera application, for example on a camera above the garage door that leads to the gate for a dinner guest. If guests look "less close" (figure not clear), the lens can be rotated to a value greater mm. This setting is only performed one time only. This means that after the match with the wishes of the user, then the lens is not set yet, because of trouble if it should go up and down to the camera.

    perbandingan lensa varifocal

    Analog CCTV cameras Varifocal Indoor particularly useful in the room that has the scope of monitoring more detail and are not covered by the regular analog CCTV cameras, such as supermarkets, employee work space, a library, a classroom of students, etc.

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    Rp 849,000 excluding shipping
    1/3" PICADIS
    720 TVL Horizontal Resolution
    True Day/Night
    2.8 ~ 12mm vari-focal lens
    40m IR distance
    Smart IR, high dynamic range
    Superior video image output and ultra low light illumination
    Wide operating temperature range
    IP66 Weatherproof

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