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    SONY, is one of the leading global brand in the fields of electronics, from TVs, Home Theater, and others are now present in JakartaCCTV to complete the competition Device security system in indonesia.melalui JakartaCCTV we present a variety of security products for the video surveillance, including IP cameras, camera 4K quality security, wireless security cameras, NVR, CCTV HD cameras, encoders and software. We can tailor a security camera system is filled with specific requirements. We make it easy to transition from analog to digital - our hybrid security solutions enable integration between the old and new models of brand Sony, and even the products of other manufacturers'.

    SONY always provide quality assurance and safety in each of its security products. Surveillance cameras sony has the latest technology and durability that can count on. as well as the quality of high resolution cameras can produce images clear and distinct, so that it can assist you in monitoring the video footage detail.

    JakartaCCTV sell CCTV cameras and IP cameras brand Sony complete with various variants and product features.

     Here are some of the categories and excellence iproduk SONY :

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    Sony SSC-CM561R

    Rp 2,980,000 excluding shipping
    Higher resolution
    Electrical Day/Night function
    Noise Reduction

    Sony SSC-FB561

    Rp 3,180,000 excluding shipping
    High resolution
    Wide Dynamic Range
    Optical Day/Night function
    Wider Auto Tracing White Range (ATW)
    Back light compensation
    Noise Reduction

    Sony SSC-YM401R

    Rp 2,449,000 excluding shipping
    High resolution
    Electrical Day/Night function
    Noise Reduction

    Sony SSC-YM411R

    Rp 2,449,000 excluding shipping
    High resolution
    Electrical Day/Night function
    Noise Reduction

    About JakartaCCTV

    JakartaCCTV is CCTV and IP Camera distributor in Indonesia. By bringing huge range of CCTV and IP Camera related products, JakartaCCTV has become the most trusted CCTV providers in Indonesia. JakartaCCTV can provide complete CCTV and IP Camera solution for your needs, from residential building/private house, commercial and industrial buildings. You can monitor all of the sites installed with CCTV/IP Cameras anywhere anytime using your gadgets, PC/server, and laptops. All products sold by JakartaCCTV carry official warranty from the respected distributors/brands. We are not only providing great products, but we also provide our customers with great after sales service. Buy only the best products suited to your needs from the best vendor in Indonesia. Many people have switched to us because of the lack of trusts and service from other vendors. Avoid the same mistakes made by many others, only entrust your CCTV needs to the best vendor, JakartaCCTV.

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     Check Mark CCTV Original Products with official warranty from manufacturers

     Check Mark CCTV Wide range of products and brands

     Check Mark CCTV 2 years warranty for all products

     Check Mark CCTV Backup unit for faulty or under service products

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     Check Mark CCTV Free presentation/survey in Jakarta, Medan and Tangerang*