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    Avtech CCTV Package

    Avtech Low Cost CCTV Package

    Low cost cctv package of brand Avtech with good quality that only you can get in JakartaCCTV, in this category we offer packages coming from Avtech brand. Avtech is a very famous brand and it is definitely a product that uses a surveillance camera of the brand is already a lot. Avtech consistently develop his cctv camera technology that follows the development of technology market surveillance cameras. The technology that is characteristic of Avtech is a technology "Eagleeyes". The camera of this brand is very suitable to be used as a serious surveillance camera system that prioritizes the images from CCTV cameras. Low cost cctv package is the solution for those who need a surveillance camera with a large number.

    Eagleeyes feature allows you to see the results of surveillance recording or viewing live surveillance via your smart phone. Smart phone operating systems that support this feature include iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. Surveillance cameras at low cost package cctv Avtech, already features Eagleeyes in it therefore you should not doubt the ability of the existing surveillance cameras on JakartaCCTV. Surveillance cameras best quality with low price is our commitment to you.

    Here is a video demo of how easy to use features Eagleeyes :

     Demo using Eagleeyes features of Avtech, (source youtube) 

    JakartaCCTV is the official distributor of security products such as surveillance cameras at the lowest price and reliable in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Apart from the surveillance camera products, we also have a wide range of video recorder from the DVR and NVR and its accessories. We had an event in the form of discount low cost cctv packages and other discounts. Immediately contact JakartaCCTV to know what events we provide now.

    About JakartaCCTV

    JakartaCCTV is CCTV and IP Camera distributor in Indonesia. By bringing huge range of CCTV and IP Camera related products, JakartaCCTV has become the most trusted CCTV providers in Indonesia. JakartaCCTV can provide complete CCTV and IP Camera solution for your needs, from residential building/private house, commercial and industrial buildings. You can monitor all of the sites installed with CCTV/IP Cameras anywhere anytime using your gadgets, PC/server, and laptops. All products sold by JakartaCCTV carry official warranty from the respected distributors/brands. We are not only providing great products, but we also provide our customers with great after sales service. Buy only the best products suited to your needs from the best vendor in Indonesia. Many people have switched to us because of the lack of trusts and service from other vendors. Avoid the same mistakes made by many others, only entrust your CCTV needs to the best vendor, JakartaCCTV.

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