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    You are confuse looking Best Camera CCTV brand? JakartaCCTV as a distributor of CCTV camera products in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, offers you a variety of CCTV cameras from a variety of famous brand. We are the solution for you  who search for the best CCTV cameras at the lowest price. The existence of CCTV cameras today is the main thing to keep in your place of business or home. If there is something you want, the recordings of the CCTV cameras can be used as strong evidence during the trials. CCTV cameras have kind of a very diverse and it makes a lot of people confused to choose a suitable CCTV cameras.

    CCTV camera types that exist today are Analog Camera and IP Camera. Both types are still subdivided into Box Camera Cube Camera, Dome Camera, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Camera and many more. In addition, differences in the quality of differentiating buffer resolution CCTV cameras. With so many types that distinguish CCTV cameras, you will surely be trouble choosing a good CCTV cameras. The solution to that is a CCTV camera package. A complete package consisting of outdoor and indoor camera complete with video recorder to record the impressions of CCTV. JakartaCCTV have the package of CCTV form best Camera CCTV brand.

    examples of types CCTV camerasexamples of types CCTV camera. (Source Aetherica)

    If you are looking for a quality CCTV cameras with the lowest price, you can directly call or come to JakartaCCTV. As the number one distributor in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, we offer a product of quality CCTV cameras and official warranty. You can request a demo on our CCTV cameras to assure you that our products offer. We have the best CCTV Camera brand that already has a quality in CCTV camera market.


    An example of 1080p HD CCTV Camera Infrared Video Surveillance.(source Youtube)
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    Avtech AVC153

    Rp 849,000 excluding shipping
    Jangkauan efektif IR hingga 15 Meter.
    Kualitas gambar hingga 700 TVL.
    Efektifitas cahaya 0.1 Lux, 0 Lux (IR ON).
    Kamera CCTV yang mampu beroperasi 24 jam.

    Avtech AVC169

    Rp 949,000 excluding shipping
    Jangkauan efektif IR hingga 40 Meter.
    Kualitas gambar hingga 700 TVL.
    Efektifitas cahaya 0.1 Lux, 0 Lux (IR ON).
    Kamera CCTV yang mampu beroperasi 24 jam.

    Avtech AVC181 P

    Rp 930,000 excluding shipping
    1/3 "CCD HR dengan SONY Effio DSP.
    Kualitas gambar yang superior 700 TVL.
    Digital WDR (DWDR) untuk gradasi kompensasi untuk meningkatkan kontras gambar.
    Color roling suppress (CRS) efektif untuk fluktuasi cahaya.
    Menu OSD untuk pengaturan lanjutan.
    Mendukung mode day & night.
    Built-in microphone untuk perekaman audio.

    Avtech AVC183

    Rp 1,190,000 excluding shipping
    Kualitas gambar yang superior 700 TVL.
    Fitur pengawasan 24 jam siang dan malam.
    1/3 "CCD warna H.R dengan SONY Effio DSP.
    Sensitivitas cahaya rendah 0.05 Lux, 0 Lux (IR ON).
    Mekanisme 3-axis yang fleksibel untuk pemasangan dilangit-langit dan pemasangan dinding.

    Avtech AVC189

    Rp 1,149,000 excluding shipping
    1/3 "CCD HR dengan SONY Effio DSP.
    Kualitas gambar yang superior 700 TVL.
    Sensitivitas cahaya rendah 0.05 Lux, 0 Lux (IR ON).
    IP67, cocok untuk digunakan di luar ruangan.
    Fitur untuk pengawasan 24 jam siang dan malam.

    Avtech AVM265

    - 56 IR LED untuk pemantauan pada malam hari, jarak proyeksi hingga 40 Meter
    - Memenuhi standar IP67, sangat cocok untuk digunakan pada luar ruangan
    - Sistem dapat terintegrasi secara sederhana dengan ONVIF standar
    - Kompatibel untuk pengawasan dari jarak jauh menggunakan ponsel seperti iPad, iPhone atau Android dengan menginstall aplikasi Eagleeyes

    Avtech AVM311P

    Rp 2,290,000 excluding shipping
    Dengan desain yang menarik berbentuk seperti kubah (Dome).
    Media penyimpanan dengan menggunakan kartu Micro SD.
    Pemantauan jarak jauh yang kompatibel dengan iOS dan Android.
    Dilengkapi dengan mekanisme 3-axis sangat fleksibel untuk pemasangan pada langit - langit dan dinding tembok.

    Avtech AVM317

    Rp 2,790,000 excluding shipping
    - Konfigurasi jaringan mudah dengan iPhone/iPad
    - POE (-Power-over Ethernet) didukung untuk menghilangkan penggunaan kabel listrik berlebih dan mengurangi biaya instalasi
    - Standar ONVIF didukung untuk menyederhanakan integrasi sistem
    - 1.3 Megapixel SONY HR sensor gambar dengan kualitas HDTV720p, yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk melihat lebih detil dan jernih
    - Alarm eksternal I /O koneksi perangkat
    - Mikrofon & speaker built-in untuk dua arah transmisi audio
    - Pengawasan jarak jauh


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    About JakartaCCTV

    JakartaCCTV is CCTV and IP Camera distributor in Indonesia. By bringing huge range of CCTV and IP Camera related products, JakartaCCTV has become the most trusted CCTV providers in Indonesia. JakartaCCTV can provide complete CCTV and IP Camera solution for your needs, from residential building/private house, commercial and industrial buildings. You can monitor all of the sites installed with CCTV/IP Cameras anywhere anytime using your gadgets, PC/server, and laptops. All products sold by JakartaCCTV carry official warranty from the respected distributors/brands. We are not only providing great products, but we also provide our customers with great after sales service. Buy only the best products suited to your needs from the best vendor in Indonesia. Many people have switched to us because of the lack of trusts and service from other vendors. Avoid the same mistakes made by many others, only entrust your CCTV needs to the best vendor, JakartaCCTV.

    10 Reasons Why you must buy from JakartaCCTV

     Check Mark CCTV Original Products with official warranty from manufacturers

     Check Mark CCTV Wide range of products and brands

     Check Mark CCTV 2 years warranty for all products

     Check Mark CCTV Backup unit for faulty or under service products

     Check Mark CCTV Solid and highly experienced support and technical team

     Check Mark CCTV Result and customer-oriented

     Check Mark CCTV Our CCTV and IP Camera can be viewed from gadgets 

     Check Mark CCTV Vast amount of experiences in handling thousands of projects

     Check Mark CCTV Incorporated in Indonesia with multiple offices and showrooms

     Check Mark CCTV Free presentation/survey in Jakarta, Medan and Tangerang*